Friday, 2 September 2016

Pass4sure NS0-157 Question Answer

An administrator is attempting to add two FAS8020 nodes to an existing cluster of eight FAS2552 nodes. They are receiving an error when attempting to join the new nodes. What is causing this error? 

A. The cluster switch connections have been cabled incorrectly.
B. The disk shelves on one of the new nodes are displaying an error.
C. The maximum number of nodes is already in the cluster.
D. The new nodes are running a newer version of clustered Data ONTAP.

Answer: D

A customer has an aggregate, aggr1_01 with three RAID groups: rg0, rg1, and rg2. Each RAID group has 15 disks, and the aggregate’s maximum RAID group size is set to 18 disks. The customer adds three additional disks to the aggregate using the following command: storage aggregate add-disks –aggregate aggr1_01 –diskcount 3 How are the RAID groups affected by this command? 

A. The disks are added to a new RAID group rg3.
B. Each RAID group receives one additional disk.
C. The three disks are added to RAID group rg2.
D. The three disks are added to RAID group rg0.

Answer: B

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Pass4sure NS0-157 Question Answer

A NetApp cluster is connected to two network switches for resiliency. One of the network switches loses power. Most LIFs on the cluster automatically recover from the switch failure to and are reachable through the network. One LIF used for CIFS access is not reachable through the network until power is restored to the failed switch. Which two areas should be investigated to determine the problem? (Choose two.) 

A. The protocols allowed on the LIFs.
B. The LIFs failover-group configuration.
C. The LIFs home port.
D. The broadcast domain’s member ports.

Answer: B, C

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Pass4sure NS0-157 Question Answer

You just added a vSphere host to your environment that needs access to the existing NFS datasrtore. The applicable export policy is named VMW, and each host’s IP address has been given access. What should you do to grant the new host access to the NFS datastore? 

A. Create a new volume.
B. Create a new rule under the VMW export policy.
C. Create a new SVM.
D. Create a new export policy for the new host.

Answer: A

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Pass4sure NS0-157 Question Answer

A customer wants to use jumbo frames on an interface group called a0a. Interface group a0a contains ports e0c and e0d. Additionally, the customer is using VLAN tagging for VLANs 510 and 520. VLAN 510 will use jumbo frames but VLAN 520 will not. When the customer tries to enable jumbo frames on a0a-510 the command fails. What caused the failure? 

A. The MTU size must be set on the broadcast domain to which the ports belong.
B. The LIF corresponding with VLAN 510 is not configured for jumbo frames.
C. Ports e0c and e0d have conflicting MTU sizes configured.
D. Jumbo frames must be enabled from the advanced privilege set.

Answer: A                                                       

You change the volume junction-path of vol1 from /vol/vol1 to /vol1. NFS clients are unable to connect to the new path/vol1. Which mirrors need to be updated to solve this problem? 

A. TDP mirrors of the SVM root volume.
B. XDP mirrors of the SVM root volume
C. DP mirrors of the SVM root volume
D. LS mirrors of the SVM root volume

Answer: D

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Pass4sure NS0-157 Question Answer

Which type of connectivity is supported when connecting third-party arrays through FlexArray Virtualization for back-end storage to a NetApp cluster?

D. Infiniband

Answer: C

You have multiple volumes that are exported to a group of hosts within your environment. A new host needs access to the volumes. Which two actions accomplish this task? (Choose two.)  

A. Mount the new exports from the host.
B. Create a new SVM.
C. Create a rule in the export policy on the SVM.
D. Create a new data LIF on the SVM.

Answer: C, D

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Pass4sure NS0-157 Question Answer

Which type of upgrade is supported from a single-node FAS2552 to a dual-node cluster with clustered Data ONTAP 8.3 when all 10 GB ports are used for host access?

A. a disruptive upgrade from a single-node cluster to a dual-node HA cluster
B. a non-disruptive upgrade of a single-node cluster into a dual-node HA cluster
C. a single-node cluster upgraded by migration of data to another single-node cluster
D. a disruptive single-node cluster upgraded to a dual-node HA cluster by adding 10 Gb Ethernet cards

Answer: D

Which two solutions are valid for clustered Data ONTAP MetroCluster? (Choose two.)

A. FAS3200 series controllers
B. FAS2500 series controller
C. four nodes at each site
D. two nodes at each site

Answer: A, D

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Pass4sure NS0-157 Question Answer

Which two default SVM roles are available when an SVM is created? (Choose two.)

B. root
D. admin

Answer: A, C

In the storage failover command, what does the bypass-optimization option do?

A. It takes over the partner node without performing aggregate relocation.
B. It migrates all logical interfaces during takeover.
C. It takes over without migrating all logical interfaces.
D. It takes over the partner node performing aggregate relocation.

Answer: A