Friday, 2 September 2016

Pass4sure NS0-157 Question Answer

An administrator is attempting to add two FAS8020 nodes to an existing cluster of eight FAS2552 nodes. They are receiving an error when attempting to join the new nodes. What is causing this error? 

A. The cluster switch connections have been cabled incorrectly.
B. The disk shelves on one of the new nodes are displaying an error.
C. The maximum number of nodes is already in the cluster.
D. The new nodes are running a newer version of clustered Data ONTAP.

Answer: D

A customer has an aggregate, aggr1_01 with three RAID groups: rg0, rg1, and rg2. Each RAID group has 15 disks, and the aggregate’s maximum RAID group size is set to 18 disks. The customer adds three additional disks to the aggregate using the following command: storage aggregate add-disks –aggregate aggr1_01 –diskcount 3 How are the RAID groups affected by this command? 

A. The disks are added to a new RAID group rg3.
B. Each RAID group receives one additional disk.
C. The three disks are added to RAID group rg2.
D. The three disks are added to RAID group rg0.

Answer: B

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